17 January 2015

AJW # 16 & 17

Number 16 in the drawing challenge is "black and white". Having recently taken my wheaten Scottish terrier to the groomer, who had never seen one this color, I immediately thought of these old Scottie magnets from Bill's grandmother. Although black and white Scotties were at one time popular in toys, postcards, and whisky ads, there is actually no such thing as a white Scottie. Wheaten yes, white no. Maxwell, who lives with three of our grandchildren, is a lovely creamy gold color. True white terriers are west highland whites, a totally different breed with a different looking face.

Number 17 was to draw a recipe. I chose the recipe card that was used at Thanksgiving and Christmas --- we are trying to avoid most grains but this recipe is a much-loved family tradition from Bill's other grandma. We only get 24 rolls though, not 30. 

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