11 January 2015

AJW challenge 7, 8, 9, & 10

Still trying to keep up with the January drawing prompts in Facebook's Artist Journal Workshop group . . . 

My favorite painting hangs in our home, a gift I gave Bill. Painted by Cathy Johnson (here), it's Vassmer dairy's farmhouse where she used to visit. I think this is the last painting she was able to do of the old home; vandals burned it to the ground soon after this was painted.

The original is watercolor; I did my copy in ink & wash. I tried to spatter bits of the ground but my brush would not work --- I see now that it did spatter the hen & chicks sketch!

Hen & chicks can be a medicinal plant: pluck a leaf and squeeze the sap on mosquito bites to reduce swelling and itch. It has to be applied soon after the bite to be effective.


  1. Lovely sky. I had a tea kettle exactly like that until I killed it a week ago.

  2. Hello, Heather! Hope you are staying warm and dry.
    Our daughter-in-law Misty gave the tea pot to me last year, just before moving to Texas. My old pantry had an instant hot tap which I used for tea. Definitely needed something for new home! (I've killed a pot or two in the past.)


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