19 January 2015

5-day art challenge, day 4

Day 5 of the Facebook 5-day art challenge: some travel sketching from our 40th wedding anniversary trip to San Antonio, Texas. We had a lovely room with a terrace right on the Riverwalk and I was able to do LOTS of sketching over several days. Often when traveling, I am with non-sketchers and have limited time to sketch onsite, but this time I was able to sketch as much as I wished.

As a bonus, here are some sketches from the last Kansas State Fair we attended before moving to Texas. Bill was working a booth for the company he worked for, allowing me a full morning to wander and sketch.


  1. So beautiful, Vicky! I remember some of them from Flickr! Missing your Flickr, I loved to browse there... But I am grateful you are sharing your art here... Thanks :)

  2. Jana, sometimes I miss the old Flickr --- but not the way they changed the whole thing. I can't even open the new site on most days with the internet connection available out here in the country. The old site was so much easier to follow friends like you!


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