17 January 2015

5-day art challenge, day 2

I have been nominated to participate in Facebook's five-day art challenge, posting three art works per day for 5 days. So here goes with day number two:

In 2007, I began reading books on drawing and finding artists online, longing to get involved in sketchbook art. Seeing many artists posting from the Everyday Matters group challenge list (and reading Danny Gregory's excellent book), I decided that this was the best way to jump in.

Feeling intimidated, I first began in pencil --- this is my very first sketch in my first sketchbook. Fighting my fear of actually posting it online, I jumped in, at first on Flickr but eventually moving to Facebook and Blogspot.

Eventually I switched to working in ink (over pencil lines which I then erased). This is a sketch of the front of the 1920 apartment building my husband and I renovated in El Dorado, Kansas.

And eventually I switched to watercolor, though I had not yet taken the plunge to use watercolor paper --- that's why there are ripples on this drawing of our eldest granddaughter, Mikala.

From there, I began experimenting with toned papers, colored pencils, watercolor pencils and crayons, colored inks, and various brands of sketchbooks. I also learned how to bind my own sketchbooks, using my own choices of paper, shape, and size.


  1. I love this. I love the process of recording my life day by day, in words and images, and looking forward to the day when I will too one day be able to sit and look through years of my recorded history.

    1. I think more than anything, my art journals have become visual diaries. Though I have rediscovered a love for art in the past 9 years, I have no desire to paint a large body of works that just sit in a studio collecting dust --- Sketchbook art is more personal and immediate, something to be enjoyed for its own sake. And it does become a story of my journey.

  2. Hi Vicky, haven't been here for some days and I am amazed by quantity and variety of your new sketches... Wonderful work! Very nice!!

    1. Thanks, Jana. The sketches in this post are several years old; I'm posting them for the 5-day art challenge on Facebook. I think some of my older work is better than what I do currently.

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