06 January 2015

an animal, a bridge, & seed pods

AJW Challenge # 4, 5, and 6 . . .

I love having Texas longhorns for neighbors -- such noble-looking beasts! No two are alike but all are beautiful.

This railroad bridge on FM 390 in Gay Hill, Texas is clearly marked with a sign warning that its clearance height is 9'10". Yet some truckers insist on trying to drive through. The most recent driver rammed an 18-wheeler measuring over 12' under it, getting stuck tight and tearing up his trailer. Claims his GPS said this was the way to Brenham (it is not).

The seed pods are from one of our crepe myrtles. Lots of seeds scattered everywhere as I carried the snipped-off branch inside.


  1. I was in a car with a GPS once that ended up in front of a trailer instead of a large Georgian house five to ten miles away. You can't depend on thise things. Would hate to be chased by the cow. Wonder how well they run.

  2. That's funny, Pilgrim! I'm wondering how this trucker missed the yellow sign. And before turning onto this farm road, there's a huge sign warning of a low-clearance bridge ahead. People can be so inattentive.

    Longhorn cattle can actually be quite gentle. But those horns are impressive! They continue to grow as long as the beast lives. Those living across the road from us are pretty contented but roam over a very large area.

  3. Oh my. Those are really a handicap!

  4. Ouch . . . the energy dissipation for two vertical feet of reinforced aluminum trailer over 15' of horizontal movement! Big time boo boo. Nice sketches. We have a ranch with Highland cattle that I like to watch. They seem gentle, too.

  5. Sort of like fitting a square peg into a round hole?

    I would LOVE to see highland cows on a regular basis --- they are awesome!


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