16 January 2015

Nessie, a train depot, & a nature walk

The 13th through the 15th prompts for the Artist Journal Workshop's January drawing challenge on Facebook are: draw a mythological character, a station, and something found on a nature walk.

I'm not entirely sure the Loch Ness Monster qualifies as a myth . . . . I believe that there was some kind of creature in the loch at one time, though it's unknown if it remains today. The first recorded siting was by Saint Columba in the year 565. While seeking to bring Christ to the Picts of Scotland, he came upon some of them burying a man killed by a great water beast. Asking one of his men to swim across the loch to retrieve a small boat, the creature appeared, trying to attack the swimmer. Columba made the sign of the cross, invoked the name of God, and commanded the beast to come no further and not touch the man. The beast fled as if terrified.

This train depot is in Burton, just down the road from us. Many small-town train depots still exist in this area, in many sizes and shapes, yet all are painted with the same color scheme.

The sun finally returned and we took a walk . . . this time, finding what looks like wild grapes growing in a wooded area. I added a rock I picked up just for fun, I like purple and green together.


  1. I have always liked green and purple together, too. :-). Interesting story..ll

  2. Thank you, Pilgrim! I do wonder what color plesiosaurus actually were . . .


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