02 January 2015

AJW challenge

To "jumpstart" a new determination to sketch / paint on a more regular basis, I'm taking part in a drawing challenge on Facebook. Palma Rea, a fellow member of the Artists' Journal Workshop group, posted a list of 31 prompts for the month of January on her blog. 

Day # 1 is to draw an item I can't bear to throw away but should --- I drew my first Scottie's flannel coat. Fiona loved jumping into deep snow but didn't care for walking in the below-zero temperatures we often had in Kansas. My current Scottie, Ceilidh, doesn't need it here in central Texas.

Day # 2 is to draw my favorite book. After the Bible, it's a tie between Lord of the Rings and the Outlander series --- Yes, I love BIG, complicated epic tales!

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