14 April 2016

yesterday's sketches in the country

Yesterday I went with Bill as he continued working on a small remodel project for our pastor and his wife. They live in an RV on some land out in the country; they are building an "outhouse" that will be a full-sized bathroom and a separate laundry room -- much roomier than the cubbyholes in the RV!

At one time, Pastor Gary and Ms. B.J. were known as B.J. and the Bear; This wooden bear carved from a tree stump sits in front of the patio. And the tiny bear sign hangs on the new outhouse.

I wandered around the area a bit, sketching wildflowers. Last time I was here, the large field east of their land was filled with an ocean of yellow -- the wildflowers that are either Butterweed or Texas Ragwort, I'm not sure which it is. But heavy rains Tuesday night beat down much of the foliage. Even the tiny flower of the Texas Bull-nettle was beaten up, though it still looked pretty against the deep green leaves. Extremely prickly though! I looked but did not touch. Early morning moisture still beaded up on the Woolly Plantain stalks -- looked like beads of glass, which I could not capture in a sketch.


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