10 April 2016

socks are not an option!

Yesterday I was helping Bill stack some firewood and carry the smaller bits to our burn pit when I was bitten by an ant or two. I had leather shoes on, but no socks (too warm to wear them). I thought at the time that at least it wasn't a fire ant (not experiencing the usual fiery sting). I took an antihistamine and propped my foot up a bit . . . the swelling started, so of course I sketched my foot! (I didn't get the color right on the larger area but I then messed with it so much trying to correct it that the paper began to break down.)

Today I learned that yes, it was fire ants -- 7 bites in all, now forming white blisters. Two of our sons and one daughter-in-law say that you always should prick the blister with a sterile needle to drain; most sources online say to never pop it. So who is right? Meanwhile I am keeping it elevated with ice on it and it feels fine.

The first time I had a reaction to fire ants, it was serious enough to require steroids (and it gave me an extremely fat lip!) but I don't seem to react like that any more, for which I am grateful. And perhaps I will remember next time to put on socks as well as shoes.


  1. Health professionals do advise not to open the fresh blister even with sterilized needle to prevent getting it infected

  2. That's what I keep telling my kids but they still do it. I'm using lots of plain (as in Grandma's old fashioned lye soap) soap and water to avoid infection. Even helps the itch!

  3. Oh, it doesn't look nice, get well soon!
    And the soap is good for many things - we use it also to prevent bump on forehead after hitting the head - and it also removes the bump... don't know why...
    Have a nice week without ants!

  4. They really aren't as bad as they look, and it distracted me to draw my foot rather than scratch. That's interesting about using the soap on bumps -- good to know!


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