28 April 2016

camping at Lake Somerville

Last Friday through Sunday, we had a family gathering at Lake Somerville, camping in this small southeast corner of the lake. I can't remember another time when ALL of our four grown children, three in-law children, and five grandchildren were together in one place at the same time!

Most of the best camping sites are still closed for repair following last year's damaging floods, but we had what we thought would be a lovely spot under large old-growth oak trees. After nightfall, we discovered that a) there is lots of night fishing going on, b) one of the few open boat ramps is right next to our site, and c) there are some very rude boaters who love to blast their ugly rock music at 2:00 am. Thankfully, that was only the first night. On the second night we were forced to listen to one boat's country music for one loud song at sundown, then they turned it down.

The lake is a bit flooded this year as well; it rose several inches over the days we were there. Camping sites across from our tents (shown in the above sketch) are partly underwater, as is the area to the upper left. More rains were in the forecast but thankfully it held off until Sunday after we left.

I've been a bit slow in getting these sketchbook journal pages posted -- lots of clean-up and errands to get done after returning home. But we had a wonderful time with our awesome kids and grandkids, plus Mikala's friend Bree who came to share the fun with her. Bill and I decided we want to adopt Bree as another grandkid!


  1. That looks you had a marvelous time! Yes, it is one of my wishes to be ALL together... and it is harder and harder... Love the sketches. My best wishes.

  2. Up until the last moment, we didn't think our youngest son would come. He's in his final year of college and also dealing with depression. But at the last moment, he came. I praise God for continuing to work in his life, setting him free to live a better life!


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