18 April 2016

Sunday's pre-church praise time

There was a biker's rally at Somerville Lake this past weekend; our pastor was set to lead a devotional time there before church. But with all the recent rains, a group of visitors came to our church building instead -- this is a sketch of Tim leading a time of worship through song.

I drew it with one of the water-soluble brown inks I've been playing with, wanting a monotone effect after some of the ink is bled out with a waterbrush. However, in this particular sketch, I wish I had not added the water -- I liked it better before, with simple ink lines.

The new samples of other water-soluble brown inks arrived so I loaded up three more pens yesterday. All have a very subtle 'bleed' effect when watercolor is added (the Lie de The didn't seem to bleed at all!) so it's just a matter of choosing the color I like the best.

Though I want something similar to burnt sienna watercolor (mine is from Daniel Smith), the ink by that name is too red. I'll be playing around with the other three inks for awhile before deciding which one to purchase in a full-sized bottle.

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