04 April 2016

this time, a real etegami card

. . . a birthday card for one of our daughters-in-law, who's birthday is today. Recently I've played around with the etegami style of art in sketchbooks, but to be true etegami it must be a postcard that is mailed to someone. 

I found some washi postcards at JetPens but the variety I chose doesn't have much "bleed". I also used a brush pen and watercolor rather than a line-drawing brush with sumi ink and gansai paints, not having any of the traditional supplies. I also haven't yet made a real signature 'chop' yet so I just drew it in with a watercolor pencil . . . which bleeds badly if moistened.

I glued the postcard to another card so it could be sent in an envelope -- not strictly a postcard now but I didn't think it would really matter. The rose pictured is one that is blooming next to our patio right now.


  1. I'm sure your daughter-in-law will love this card! I like the idea of a signature chop and have been playing with ideas myself. How will you make one?

    1. I've never actually made a signature chop before and don't know exactly how it's done. Others online say you can use an eraser, cutting away the bits you don't want inked -- I thought I would look for "how to" on YouTube or a Google search.
      I also can't decide on what to put on one. I don't like using 'VW' but 'VLW' doesn't fit together in an artistic style. Maybe just a 'V'?


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