13 April 2016

more ink testing

I was having trouble filling a Lamy pen cartridge with the sample of Platinum Earth Brown I have --- seems to be too thin maybe? So I switched it to a Noodler's Creaper pen and was able to fill the whole thing.

Of course, switching inks to different pens means I forget which is which, so I jotted down the current pens' ink colors. 

Then I compared two water-soluble inks (Platinum Earth Brown and Noodler's Red-black) for color and 'bleed'; the subtle melting of the brown ink is much more what I'm after.

An online friend recommended two other brands of brown inks to try, J. Herbin and  Diamine --- good thing that Goulet Pens sells ink samples at a low cost! I just ordered 3 more to compare.


  1. Vicki, you might consider using a pen syringe to fill your Lamy. If you're not familiar with them, they have non-sharp, large diameter needles, are cheap, and after you've used one a couple times you may never fill another pen by stuffing its nose into a bottle. Syringes make filling far quicker, completely fill the cartridge/converter, and there is less mess. -- Larry

  2. I have pen syringes, to flush and refill empty cartridges, but was being lazy -- they were in a storage cubby across the room. I forgot that I could use them to fill converters as well!
    There is no water source in my studio, it being the loft of our wee log cabin. Didn't want to bother taking everything down the slanted ladder to clean.


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