05 April 2016

Sunday's sketches

While listening at church Sunday morning, I sketched a rose from our garden (from a photo on my iPod).

After church we loaded up the truck with a bunk bed Bill has been building for our grandsons Josiah and Judah, then we headed south to Beasley. The guys had unloaded most of the bed pieces when Bill realized we had forgotten the bolts that hold it together. So off he drove, returning to Brenham for them, as we went out to eat -- celebrating both Carrie's birthday and Jason's new job.

Jayna and I shared a fountain pen and my sketchbook as we waited to place our orders. She drew this flower in the glow of a very fat sun but did not have time to color it.

Bill made it back with the bolts and the guys put the bunk bed together (to the boys' delight), just in time for cupcakes.

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