01 April 2016

coming back after last year's flood

Almost a year ago we experienced serious flooding in this part of Texas. So flooded that many lakes, including the nearby Lake Somerville, were closed to camping and fishing for the whole summer. Most grasses and many trees died after being submerged for so long. But I recently saw a few trees beginning to come out of their long dormancy, though still under some water.

We are planning a family camp out at the lake later this month. Sadly, some of the best camping areas are still closed to the public. Water levels receded long ago but they lack the funds to repair the bath houses and electric hook-ups. (Electric hook-ups? Who needs electricity for camping?) 

Meanwhile, I finally drew out a rough plan of what I have planted in the existing rose bed next to our patio. Earlier this year, we removed the herb bed that ran along the walk to the front door -- area flooding had destroyed it and had washed out the sandy soil. Every time it rained, we had sand dunes across the patio! So we are letting grass root along the walk for soil retention, Bill and our son Jeff are repairing the French drain (it was not installed correctly by previous owners) for improved drainage, and I planted some culinary herbs in the rose bed. Just a few for now to see if they do well there. I wish I could find some Mexican oregano to add -- it's flavor is wonderful in chili!


  1. How I love your sketches, Vicky... The tree is just beautiful... Hope, you'll be able to go camping... looking forward to your new sketches...

  2. It sounds like all four of our grown children will be camping this time, with all five grandchildren plus two extra friends. Half of them weren't able to come last year when we camped on the beach.

  3. I appreciate all your pages today--the beautiful lake sketch and the wise words of faith. Love the truth in living life forwards but understanding it backwards. I am dealing with some eldercare issues right now that I definitely don't understand, so I need the reminder to believe and trust.

  4. The "forwards - backwards" thought came from a Joyce Meyer podcast I was listening to that day. Lots of wisdom in what she says.
    Sad to hear of your dealing with eldercare issues -- something we've been part of with friends of ours (actually the parents of one of our friends from high school who died a few years ago -- we've sort of filled the gap he left in his parents lives.) Always hard going through such times.


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