21 April 2016

some random sketches from today

Due to recent floods in the Houston area, schools have been closed, so our granddaughter Mikala came for a short visit. While she was whipping Bill in a fierce game of Uno, I drew some antique serving spoons with the four brown ink samples I've been playing with.

At the same time, I decided it could fit the next Everyday Matters drawing challenge that I haven't yet finished, "draw something bright". At least they were bright and shiny at one time.

I definitely won't be getting any more of the burnt sienna ink -- it's more orange than brown. Still undecided on the other three.

Later we left for College Station --- we are planning a family camping trip at the lake and needed a new weatherproof tarp to place under our tent. The old one got torn up covering Bill's metal lathe driving home from Arkansas, and the ground will probably be damp and muddy from recent rains. We also needed to return Mikala for a volleyball practice.

Waiting to turn off the local farm road, we saw a 2016 Mini Cooper Clubman like the one pictured in front of us. The new style of brake lights looked like bloodshot eyes glaring back at us! I googled some photos to learn more about this model, and found that the front looks a bit like eyes as well.

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