10 March 2016

still playing with etegami-like quick sketches

Yesterday, after Jayna and Josiah were at school, we took Judah out for breakfast. Actually, brunch or "second-breakfast", as he had already downed a small pancake and some eggs. He then proceeded to eat a full-sized pancake, a yogurt cup with berries and granola, and a bit of a bran muffin. Growing boy!

The threatening rain showers began just as we entered the restaurant, where we saw this froggy garden ornament. Seemed a fitting sketch to begin with.

Judah has an inventive imagination and amuses himself easily. He gathered all his wee creatures and an old security blanket, spread it out on the floor, then began tucking them all in for a sleep.

I haven't been able to do much Jayna-related sketching. She has been very busy, first with a 4-H clown skit --- her team won their division, due to no other entries, and now advance to the next level --- then continued work on a science fair presentation, trying to create her own litmus paper from various substances. These are some of her supplies left on the table where she works.

And what would caring for 3 active children be without doing lots of laundry? Thankfully, not in this old tub. Upon moving into their new home, Jason and Carrie purchased a large-capacity Samsung washer and dryer, so technical I swear it will tell me if I dare leave an extra speck of lint in the lint trap.

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