19 March 2016

spur-of-the-moment trip to Houston

After dealing with a frustrating, badly written blueprint for a woodworking project, Bill needed to get away. So we drove to our daughter's, where they had just cut down a small tree (Michael was asked to remove it when it popped up as a small weed 5 years ago) --- we can use the wood for campfires on a future family camping trip.

Mikala normally runs and hides if I try to sketch her (same reaction with photographs), so I know she wasn't feeling too good. I don't think she even knew I was drawing her. Fingers taped together due to a volleyball injury (she still played with them taped together) and apparently very tired from a spring break sleepover with friends.


  1. What a beautiful sketch! I remember how a sleepover can leave you listless! I hope her fingers heal quickly.

  2. They are talking about removing the tape today --- otherwise, how can she play her bassoon? (Good thing she dropped piano recently!)

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