29 March 2016

sketches from Resurrection Sunday

Each of ladies attending church this week received an Easter lily . . .  and hiding inside was a sugary Peeps chick! Ms. B.J. is very clever at putting things like this together. Men were given a wee bag of "Scripture seeds" (like candy corn) and children were given lambs on a stick made of marshmallows.

Following the church service, we all drove to Lake Somerville for baptisms. Among those being baptized was the Pastor's youngest grandson Blake -- brought a huge grin to the Pastor! Our eldest granddaughter Mikala was also baptized on this special day, following sunrise service at her home church in Houston. Seems a great way to celebrate the Resurrection!


  1. Precious sketches... I have never seen baptizing in a river! We do it in a church...

  2. Somerville is a very small town next to this very large lake. Our church meets in old buildings of the downtown area that were built nearly 100 years ago as merchant shops, now converted for church use. No baptismal . . . and so much water nearby in the lake! Seems to make it more of a celebration everyone shares in when we all head for the lake.


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