09 March 2016

and yet more granny-nanny silliness

Normally, 4-year-old Judah is in daycare and he loves attending his "school". But I keep him home with me during Eagle Week for some grandma-time. Sometimes he feels sad that brother and sister get to go to school but he doesn't --- so we usually plan to take him out somewhere special during the week.

Yesterday we took him to Five Guys hamburger shop where he loves eating all the peanuts he can shell while waiting for his cheesy hot dog.

He brought me this wee doggy of his to draw . . . not much color to little "No Name" but he sits in what seemed a praying / supplication stance. So I added some text I once saw on a Facebook post.

Doing these fast etegami-like sketches is fun! They seem to loosen me up from my normally tight, detailed drawing. And they are fast enough to do in bits and bobs as I keep busy with household and childcare stuff.

I drew this potted plant sitting on the fireplace mantel ---I think it is a poinsettia left from Christmas. There are reddish-purple leaves or petals dropped off all around it and new green leaves are sprouting.

The sample papers in this hand-bound journal, while alright for use with watercolor, aren't really anything special . . . except this India paper from Legion Paper online. It has a slight woven texture to it and is made of 100% cotton rag. I think I will definitely bind some journals of this paper in the future!


  1. How could I have missed this, Vicky! So nice... And the thoughts that I need right now ... God is good :-)

  2. God seems to bring each of us a personal message just when we need it most. I'm glad He blessed you!


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