07 March 2016

more playing . . .

The grandkids are bringing me items to sketch into my granny-nanny book this week; this horse is from Josiah. All three of them stood around me like vultures as I drew this one but none of them wished to draw in my book themselves.

Upon arriving, the house was still decorated with leftover bits of Valentine's Day, including classroom treats and art brought home and forgotten. All of the decorations were put away over the weekend except these hearts in one window.

The entire quote from Yankel is:
"When you warm other people's hearts, you remain warm yourself. When you seek to support, encourage, and inspire others, then you discover support, encouragement, and inspiration in your own life as well. That, my friends, is Judeism 101."

And I chose to sketch Josiah's boots as they lay . . . he often puts his right shoe on his left foot and the left one on his right. Seems to me that it would make walking uncomfortable but he doesn't seem to mind.

I wonder if it's because he is left-handed? Maybe he thinks he is left-footed?

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