26 March 2016

a couple of sketches from this week

I only managed to do two sketches this past week, being Very Distracted by itchy bug bites. We had such a mild winter that fleas, chiggers, and other wee bitey-things never died off. It seems every time I go outside, they find me to feast on!

I drew the above sketch during church last Sunday . . . just my purse, a fountain pen, and my iPod containing my Bibles. Years ago I signed up for Olive Tree's Bible Study app, back when it was on a PDA. The app transfers to each new device I get; I have many versions on my iPod, so whichever version is used at church (changes from week-to-week), I can follow along.

Then on Thursday we drove out to the Pastor's place, where I met these sweet beasts, Cheese and Crackers. Fell in Love with Cheesey! He loves snuggling up to people, then leaning his head up for kisses on his nose. Also loves his ears rubbed! Crackers is a bit more timid.


  1. The donkeys and the bucket are gorgeous! They put a smile on my face :-)
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Cheesey put a huge grin on my face! So affectionate!


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