17 March 2016

an eagle for Eagle Week

Fort Bend Christian Academy, where our son Jason teaches, has an eagle for their mascot. So how cool that during Eagle Week last week, when the high school students are involved in various mission trips and community service projects, the Alaska team was able to take a photograph of an eagle perched on the top of a tree! The Alaska team was there to help with set-up and parking for the Iditarod dog sled race, as well as work with the boys and girls club in the area.

As I was writing the text in the right hand column, I noticed that my current favorite fountain pen, a Jinhao pen with the nib changed to a flex nib, was scratchy and skipping ink. I thought it was because it had not been used in over a week. Then it finally dawned on me: it was out of ink! I refilled it, then wrote the bottom line . . . with a very wet ink that smeared because I was not being careful.


  1. Those evergreens are gorgeous! And I need to get back to trying my Jinhao flex, darn it!

  2. My red Jinhao flex sure responds well . . . Even after being ignored in favor of brush pens. (As long as there's ink, that is -- ). My other recent favorite is a Kuretake brush pen with a Platinum Carbon converter.

    The golden Jinhao hasn't worked out as well, perhaps because there is still some gap between nib and feed. I haven't taken time to try molding it tighter with boiling water again.


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