12 March 2016

last of this journal

Beasley, where our son and daughter-in-law have recently moved, is a very small town but has many interesting things to sketch --- such as this free-standing church bell tower. And yes, that bird really was on the top of the upper cross!

Someday, I will do proper sketches of the old mills, barns, and an older church with a copper steeple. Or simply a watercolor painting of the hay field in our kids' back yard.
Jason and Carrie's plane full of teenagers arrived safely back in Houston on Thursday, just in time to pick Jayna and Josiah up from school.

They brought each of the kids a souvenir key chain to remember this year's trip by; Josiah's moose was unavailable at the time of this drawing. He had actually gotten angry at his sister and threw it --- they were still searching for it when I left to drive home.

And so ends another granny-nanny journal. I drove home to find this year's bluebonnets already beginning to bloom, a month early. And yes, the faked red initial stamp blurred . . . but then, etegami is supposed to be clumsy, right?


  1. That bell tower is really interesting. I tried to find out more about it, but didn't come up with anything. I did see it on Google Maps, though, sitting right there in the city hall parking lot! Looks like an interesting town to sketch.

    I also enjoyed your granny-nanny adventures. :-)

  2. The area looks deceiving until you are actually standing there, reading the signs -- the tower is in a church parking lot and "city hall" meets in a cute little bungalow across the road!


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