28 September 2014

2 trees + a wee tree house

These two trees are in the east corner of our lot, a cedar tree and a very tall, very old pine. I have counted 38 or 39 trees in our yard. Compare that to only one original tree left in our Kansas yard plus two trees we planted. This cedar tree was crammed full of cedar wax wing birds in the spring.

Several of the trees are an unknown variety newly planted by the previous owners and I am counting the three crepe myrtles which are technically shrubs but in Texas they grow into trees. But there are so many older oaks and pines as well!

This wee tree house was here when we bought the property, though too small for our grandchildren. Bill and our grandson Quen did a bit of work on it, taking off the roof so everyone can fit now. The fox squirrels seem to think it is their domain; their babies are so cute sitting on the ladder step!


  1. Beautiful page, Vicky! Love tree houses!! My husband had built one for our son, rather high in a fir tree. When he was little, he used to climb up through tree branches like on a ladder... It´s lovely to have it on your land!

  2. I used to climb trees branch by branch . . . . Best place to hide with an apple and a good book! When we moved here, the treehouse had a roof, making it too small for most of our grandchildren. Bill and Quen took the roof off and stabilized it this summer.


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