11 September 2014

Wednesday's random sketching

Usually, when planning to sketch away from home, I just throw my few supplies into whatever bag I am using at the time as a purse.

But while shopping at Harbor Freight yesterday in College Station, Bill suggested this canvas bag for carrying my supplies. Way bigger than necessary ___even my folding stool fits inside___ but I guess that means there is room for a snack and a couple of bottles of water.

Later at church, I tried drawing my friend Angela's beautiful hair . . . and did not succeed. Her husband is all out of proportion as well, but he wiggles too much!

We came home to find a lizard (gecko?) on our front door . . . and two little ones inside the house. One of them I found as I felt something ticklish on my arm! Plotting a take-over? Or just friendly?


  1. Hi Vicky I love your art work. I have two of these bags and just love them. I did cut some of the stitches out to make some of the pockets a little bigger as I needed them. One is for art, water color supplies. The other one is for all my journal and bible art journaling supples. They make everything so portable. You can see them on my art blog. God bless! Sharon

  2. Thank you for taking time to comment, Sharon! I like your Bible art journal. What a lovely way to honor our Lord's words! The taking out stitches to enlarge some pockets is a great idea --- soon as I decide on what goes where, I'll try that


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