20 September 2014

late summer wildflowers . . . and a baby pecan

Last week I went on the hunt for more wildflowers, this time sketching them in my newest sketchbook instead of the tiny one I've been using for wildflowers. I'll probably re-draw these into that book later.

Most prevalent in the area now is Snow-on-the-Mountain. Huge swaths fill nearby pastures, truly looking from a distance like "snow". Studying it up close, I was surprised to discover that the white "petals" are actually bracts. The flowers are the tiny ones with yellow centers.

My favorite is the Scarlet Pea . . . so tiny, I almost didn't see it at all! Found while walking around Old Baylor University in Independence, TX.

I added the immature pecan from a morning walk . . . just because it was cute and fuzzy.


  1. Beautiful and delicate, Vicky! Have a nice late summer!

  2. Thank you, Jana! This was a good way to bring a close to summer --- hard to believe that Autumn begins today (or is it tomorrow?)
    Blessibgs to you!


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