27 September 2014

wild bird sanctuary

When we moved here to central Texas, there was a wee wooden sign posted in one corner of our property reading "Lake Forest Wild Bird Sanctuary". It has proven to be fact!

At our small 1920 apartment building in Kansas, we saw lots of house sparrows and, rarely, an occasional blue jay or cardinal. A year or so ago an unknown raptor nested in our old elm tree, scaring away all other birds (except those silly, brave sparrows).

Here in the woods, we have identified over 30 types of birds in our yard in the past 7 months, many more in the neighborhood. And they keep on coming! Of course, when I chose to sketch as many as I could see on Thursday, none showed up except the constant hummingbirds . . .

(Who knew they actually SQUEAK like a dog's squeaky toy?!? I knew you could hear the "hum" of their wings but our hummers perch in a nearby crepe myrtle and squeak at us!)


  1. I am SO glad you're getting to see so many birds! Isn't it exciting? I love the hummer sketch...

  2. The birds have been amazing! Funny how they all seemed to be elsewhere when I set Thursday aside to sketch them though.

  3. Lovely hummingbirds! They don't live in my country, know them from nature documentary films. Love them! Beautiful sketch!

  4. They are amazing little creatures, Jana! One just buzzed & squeaked at me, looking in my window as I type on the computer! Only 2" long.


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