19 September 2014

modified blind contour Scots

I have been following along with Gay Kraeger's watercolor sketching & journaling class for the Strathmore Online Workshops, though I am not posting things in class because I am not using Strathmore products. Since high school, I have enjoyed blind contour drawing. When you aren't even looking at the paper, how can it be expected to look "right"? It's a very freeing exercise.

These two cast iron Scotties live on my kitchen shelf, in front of a framed vintage postcard of wheaten and black Scotties. The glass spoon holder sits on the counter, usually holding my cell phone. We have seen the same Scottie glass in antique shops listed as a creamer. But this one is from Bill's grandmother and she insisted that it is a spoon holder, holding nesting spoons ready to use on the table with the handles positioned over the head.


  1. And easy to do while the rain pours outside!
    #sketching on site delayed

  2. I am watching those, too. She consolidates a lot of basic sketching techniques and makes it look easy!

  3. Gay is great fun, isn't she? I love her nature sketchbooks --- I think she still posts them on Flickr.


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