18 September 2014

lichen and rain lilies

We have had more rain this past week, leading to interesting forms of lichen on small branches broken from trees and rain lilies popping up everywhere, usually in groupings like this one in our yard.

Sometimes rain lilies are in color but this time all are pristine white . . . so I left them unpainted this time.


 A few days after sketching the rain lilies, Bill brought in one that had lost its petals, knowing I'd like to sketch it as well.

Still no leaves on the stem, but this odd bulb-like shape developed on the stem. Not sure how the reproduction works with these little wildflowers, but interesting to continue watching . . .


  1. Delicate and beautiful...I love these small wonders.

  2. They are amazing, aren't they? While I was sketching these, the longish ones slightly swayed back and forth like they were dancing . . . and there was no wind! Not even a tiny breeze. Reminded me of live coral.

  3. Nice job Vicky. Never heard of rain lilies. Will have to google them. The Lichen sketch is great. They are fun to see but around here it kills off trees or parts of trees by smothering branches and it's hard to get off.

  4. I had never heard of them before either, Cris. But they kept popping up overnight after it rained --- very noticable with no leaves. Yesterday Bill poi ted out some whose petals had dropped. A three-part pod had formed near the top . . . and still no leaves.

    The lichen and ball moss here doesn't seem to affect mature trees much. There's lots of it (heavily wooded area) but trees are healthy. Maybe not thick enough to smother?

  5. I love to see wildflower drawings and especially watercolours, I find this inspirational.


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