02 September 2014


Recently we took our eldest granddaughter to see the museums located in Washington, Texas. In 1836, 59 delegates met here to establish the new Republic of Texas while defenders kept Santa Anna's army busy at the Alamo.

The unfinished frame building, a reproduction, is filled with tables laid end-to-end just as it was in 1836.

At the living history farm, interpreters depict life on an early cotton farm, where oxen are still used in the fields. I love the dog-trot framed house!

With a very humid 100° heat, I took photos to sketch later. I wanted to record these in my journal but it was just too hot to sketch on site.

After reading about astrolabes in a book, how cool to find one in the museum!


  1. Wonderful sketches, Vicky! Love how you captured astrolabe and wooden barrel, beautiful color, really very nice!


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