21 September 2014

loft art supplies

Before moving to Texas, I had accumulated 9 years of art supplies. I tried new things often, trying to find my way in this new hobby. Some where tried and never touched again.

So before packing, I went through everything, keeping just what I really enjoyed using. Art books were donated to the local library sale or a used book store. Supplies not kept were bagged up to give away to sketchcrawl friends and their kids.

I wrote a bit about my process on this journal page. One of the criteria was "did it fit in the box"? Years ago, Bill had this antique tool box sitting in our garage, collecting dust. So I confiscated it, cleaned it up, and used it at first to store embroidery supplies . . . then later, to store art stuff. Now it sits on a book shelf in my loft --- That's the slanted roof beam logs behind it in the sketch.

The logs are actually a dark brown with white bead-board between them. I haven't decided whether to leave the ceiling drawn in ink alone, or paint in the log beams. Any suggestions?

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