01 October 2014

random Friday sketching

 We spent Friday with our son Jason and his family. The Fort Bend County Fair was opening and schools were out for the day. Granddaughter Jayna had a piece of art entered so we planned on going to see it (she won a blue ribbon!).

Before heading to the fair, we went to First Colony Mall in Sugarland --- I bought a new iPod and daughter-in-law Carrie took my photo while I sketched for possible use in Cathy 'Kate' Johnson's upcoming book, tentatively titled "Sketching on the Go". I hate having my picture taken and seldom end up with a good one, but Carrie has a very good "eye" for photos.

Kate's new book is on sketching "on the spot" and, like her last published book, "Artists' Journal Workshop" (which my sketches are also in), she has invited several sketchers to contribute art.

me sketching at the First Colony Mall, Sugarland


  1. Wow, Vicky! You look so young! Looking forward to new book!

  2. Thanks, but I don't feel so young. Slowing down since gaining weight . . . which is hard to lose when you're 60 years old. A funny side-note: I have never colored my hair. Have no idea why I don't have more gray. I'm just thankful, after having lost my hair 2 years ago, to have it grow back.

  3. That´s wonderful! My hair is gray, and I am 3 years younger than you... :) I used to color it when I gave a birth to my youngest son - so as he didn't have a gray-hair mother :) Now he is big and I don´t color my hair anymore... I don´t care...

  4. I'm basically too lazy to consider coloring my hair --- don't want the trouble of keeping it up. But I always loved my maternal grandmother's silvery-white hair! I take after my paternal grandmother instead.


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