02 January 2018

roses in January

Yesterday afternoon we decided to meet up with some friends to eat out. We left for College Station around 3:30 . . . only to find that most of our choices of restaurants closed at 4:00 due to it being a holiday. (But, hey! The streets were easy to navigate with the college kids gone!)

We ended up at Razzoo’s, not my favorite place. They say they are Cajun but they really aren’t. And the waitress looked totally confused when I asked for a hot cup of tea. So I asked for a hot cup of water (“you know, a coffee mug stuck in the microwave 2 minutes.”) as I carry tea bags with me. She managed to bring me a lukewarm mug of water . . .

Yet those at our table ordering coffee had no problems and were offered several refills. NOT FAIR TO HOT TEA DRINKERS!

Anyway, it was 32° Fahrenheit, yet the roses outside the building were in full bloom. So as we were leaving, I pinched one to take with me and sketched it later at home. As it warmed up, the fragrance was delightful!


  1. Replies
    1. The shrub was covered with them, though they were beginning to look a bit stressed from the cold. Most area flower beds are filled with pansies in the winter, which can handle colder temperatures.


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