10 January 2018

a cool old building

A few days ago we headed down to our eldest son’s in Beasley where I was to switch my iPhone 6 out for a slightly newer model. It turned out that my new phone, picked up the day before at Sugarland’s Apple Store, had defective software so I am without a phone until next week.

On the drive home, we stopped at Dairy Queen in Belleville for ice cream. Bill went inside while I waited in the car . . . and I noticed this cool old building across the street. I’ve seen this Mexican Cantina many times as we drove through this town south of us, but I had never noticed the original name on the stone building: “Dr. Pepper Bottling Co.”, spelled out in individual rocks on what looks like a stucco background. I like how the edge of the roof had trim made of small rocks standing on end. I drew the building in a water-soluble brown ink but later wish I had used a waterproof ink, as much of the cool details seem to blend together.

I used a photograph because it was quickly getting dark and we were getting ready to drive on.

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