19 January 2018

a few books to be read . . .

It has been unbelievably frigid this past week, at least by south-central Texas standards. Even the thought of going outside to sketch brings a shiver!

Instead of sketching, I’ve been reading quite a bit. Several books at once even. Continuing to read Joshua in the Bible, going through several historical fiction or mystery ebooks on my iPad each week, and leisurely going through several art books from other sketchbook artists and urban sketchers.

None of which are in the stack of books above; I just like the look of them together! Sir Walter Scott’s Rob Roy, a small book of Psalms with bits of illustrated manuscript, and an old volume of Robert Burns poems.

Bill built the Morris chair and footstool for me a few years ago as a surprise while I was off “granny nannying”. The bookcase next to it is one he built in high school in the early 1970s.


  1. I do love that chair and footstool. The older lines just seem more appealing than a modern recliner. If I could find a good spot in our house for a set, it could happen.

    1. Not only comfortable; those wide arms come in very handy to hold a watercolor palette or hot cup of tea!

    2. (And it actually does recline by moving the wooden bar in back to three different positions of pegs.)

  2. Beautifully drawn, especially love how you did the tiny books. And these are my favourite quotes, too. Have a nice weekend, Vicky!


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