29 January 2018

artists’ copyrights

Several times over the years, I have been asked if one of my sketches could be used for this or that project or purpose. The person has always asked me first, waiting until I give my permission before proceeding. I usually said yes to them after checking to see how it would be used.

Even simple sketches are the copyright property of the artist. As such, others need to be respectful and not feel that they are free to help themselves to others’ work simply because it has been published on the internet. Let’s please honor each other as artists and always ASK FIRST.

Recently a sketch and post to my blog was taken by someone who posted it to her new web site. She did NOT ask or receive my permission to use this sketch beforehand, but notified me after the fact by a comment on my Facebook post of the sketch. Because she took my work without permission, I have asked her to remove the post from her site. At this time, she has not responded. Hopefully she will do so soon.

UPDATE: My work was finally removed from this person’s blog, though no apology was offered. The thing is, I have followed this person off and on through the years — she should have known better! 

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