12 January 2018

my non-purse

Lately I’ve used this laptop sleeve bag that I found on Amazon instead of a purse. It came with rings on the sides, so all I needed to add was a shoulder strap (I had an extra one from another bag).

I originally ordered this pouch to hold my new iPad Mini, but it has actually been a great everyday
purse. So of course, I ended up sketching it. It holds normal purse stuff, my cell phone and iPad, a small soft-cover Stillman & Birn sketchbook, a mechanical pencil, a couple of fountain pens, a bit of a kneaded eraser, a pocket palette and waterbrush, and a paper towel. Oh, and a couple of tea bags . . . Texas restaurants don’t seem to understand the concept of a hot cup of tea.


  1. How funny you should post this--I just received a canvas tablet tote bag from my friend for Christmas and decided to use it for my purse too! It starts out so lightweight and holds all I need. I love it! Maybe I will have to sketch mine too!

    1. It seems that bags designed for other purposes really do make the best purses, with their clever pockets and durable yet lightweight fabrics!


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