28 January 2018

hot sauce for the Pastor

We met our Pastor at a Mexican restaurant for breakfast on Friday. As the waitress brought his and Bill’s dishes, she set the small bowl of salsa next to Bill. Then told Pastor Gary she’d have to go get another bowl for him.

He just smiled and took the large bottle out of her hand, saying “That won’t be a problem!”


  1. wonderful ? Mexican for breakfast ???

    1. It’s apparently a Texas thing, though this restaurant is owned and operated by a family from Mexico. Typically there may be eggs, ground chorizo sausage or pulled pork, refried beans and cheese wrapped in a soft tortilla. Sometimes with a slice of avocado on top. It looks like a burrito to us but here in Texas they call it a breakfast taco.
      In San Antonio, I had something called a “naked breakfast taco”: all the things you’d find in one of these “tacos” but served in a bowl, without the tortilla. I’m trying to avoid grains and it was delicious!


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