13 February 2016

two of my pals

We arrived to our friend's home, one day before the movers were to arrive, with almost nothing packed. So their daughter, Bill, and I worked feverishly at boxing things up. (They own three households-worth of kitchen stuff alone!)

When the movers arrived, we shut their husky-corgi mix dog along with two of their daughter's chihuahuas in a back bedroom (she had two with her and two more at home -- all have sweet personalities!). Then, when they needed to work in that bedroom, I kept Maggie, Baby, and Lucie-Loo on leashes in an out-of-the-way spot. All three determined to be lap puppies, with Baby attempting to be "King of the hill" by climbing above the rest!

Poor Maggie is showing a bit of stress as her owners face various stages of dementia. She loves them dearly and is very protective of them; it's confusing for her to see them scream at each other. Where are the caring, loving people she knows?


  1. Beautiful drawing of a sad time. Makes me want to cuddle Maggie.

  2. And Maggie is quite a cuddler --- she'd love you for it!

  3. Poor, sweet girl, Maggie. All the changes in her people and environment must be very traumatic for her. I hope she is safe, despite upsetting symptoms dementia is causing in her loved ones. And how cute is Baby? This is such a touching spread, Vicky.

  4. We just heard today that our friends are settling in and busy having posts set for a fence around their new yard . . . for Maggie to run in. She'll be happy exploring her new neighborhood. And Baby and the other 3 Chihuahuas live just across from her back yard so she already has friends near by.
    All in all, we're thankful for how things are working out.


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