29 February 2016

day trip to Round Top

On Saturday, in a spur-of-the-moment decision, we drove to Round Top in search of antique lamps. Bill's woodshop, built two years ago with a wrap-around porch, still is lacking outdoor lighting (except for a motion-detected security light). What he really wants is two matching antique train lamps with reflectors that he can convert to electricity. We have been in search for them ever since.

We have also wanted to eat at the well-known Royer's Cafe for two years . . . every time we were in the wee town, they've been closed. With only 10 tables, this gourmet restaurant typically has over an hour wait-time to be seated, and they sit you "cruise ship style", several guests together at each table. They were open Saturday and we got on the waiting list . . . 1 1/2 hour wait as we wondered the various antique and art shops.

We wondered for only an hour, then seating on the old porch opened up so we sat on a vintage glider as I sketched. The oversized chair is "Bud the Pieman's" throne; he's the owner of the cafe.

Walls (and ceilings!) are absolutely covered, inside and out. Bill especially likes this sign so I sketched it for him. The food is delicious and we both ordered pie as well . . . I ordered a slice of this junk berry pie, named for the Junk Gypsies whose shop is nearby.

Oh, and those lamps? Bill DID find them this time and he's as excited as a little kid! They are my next sketching subject.


  1. I'm sure your husband is thrilled to find those lamps! What a fun outing! The restaurant sounds wonderful! How was the pie? I love your sketches!

  2. Their pies are amazing! The owners' daughter has a tiny shop nearby where just the pies are sold, so we've been able to sample several varieties -- including savory types like margarita chicken!

  3. What a fun place! I love learning more about Texas through your journaling.


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