12 February 2016

driving Arkansas roads

Driving the Arkansas Ozarks is always lovely. I had never been here in the winter before --- there is less color but it is still beautiful.

Sketching in a moving truck proved a bit too bumpy so I snapped several photos through the windshield to sketch from later. Afterwards, it seemed all I got were shots of roads curving right; I'm sure we must have curved the other way at some point!

I brought back several large rocks / petrified wood from our friends' rock garden. We have a planting bed next to our cabin that gets flooded when it rains, and had decided to put in a rock garden with a few containers there. So now I have large specimen rocks for that area. Bill teased that my rocks were putting the weight limit over the top --- nothing to do with that industrial metal lathe he brought back, right? It only tips the scale somewhere over 1000 lbs. after all.

One of these days, I will sketch a few of the rocks.


  1. I love your "on the road" sketches. I'm with you, I tried sketching in the car and it looked like a dog's breakfast. This makes a much better memory.

  2. LOL -- "dog's breakfast" describes it very well! I'm okay at lightly penciling in a page layout while riding in a vehicle but never in pen! Pencil lines can be erased, after all.


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