21 February 2016

a day in the park

Yesterday, as Bill and our son Matt worked at tiling a new shower, daughter-in-law Misty, grandson Quen, and grand-puppy Scout went to Pflugerville Park. I sketched the vinca blossom first and painted it . . . then began to draw what was in front of me. Drawing the lady in a wheelchair as she watched her grandson play on the equipment was an easy choice --- she didn't move as much as the children! I decided to use a water-soluble ink and keep the background in black & white . . . just to be different.


  1. Hi, Vicky! I am always surprised when there are no comments on your work - and it sometimes makes me to feel there's just me visiting you here... ha-ha! I know it's going to be changed very soon! Sometimes I wish to have your art journal in a way of paper book and I do not think you need to think out some special story to be drawn, your story is good enough and worthy to be published... Thank God we have internet and I can go coming here... What precious moments! God bless you, Vicky!

  2. Vicky, this picture can't be seen bigger after clicking on it.
    Did you use only ink in the background? All the shades just with ink and water?
    Love it...

  3. I am getting a few more comments now and then; many say something like "I always follow your posts but never take time to comment" so I know there are readers out there I never hear from. And I get lots of activity when I post these sketches on Facebook.

    I've learned to not gauge my blogging on the comments. I am doi g this because yhe Lord has given me an ability to sketch and this is a way to share it; if He wants a certain person to see a particular post, He will make sure they see it.

    Sometimes I feel that I should do "real art" that is frameable and sellable. But that really isn't where my heart is right now. I enjoy sketchbook art journaling. Publishing a real book of my sketches would be great (though I'm not sure others would buy it) but I simply don't have the money.

    Cathy "Kate" Johnson has a new book coming out this coming summer; at least one of my sketches is in it, perhaps more. I have several in her last book as well.

  4. Oh, and yes, the background of this sketch is draen with ink only (a Lamy black ink cartridge which is water soluble) -- then I teased out the washes with a damp brush. Darker colors are where more ink was applied before touching with water. (I did add a bit of watercolor and colored pencil to the lady in the wheelchair)

    The pictures that can enlarge when clickex on are taken with a real camera, then uploaded to a regular computer. I was in a hurry posting this so I just usex my iPad. I don't know why pictures taken with Apple devices won't allow you to click and enlarge. Wish it would -- it is so much quicker and easier!

  5. Oh, why, thank you for your reply and I may say I prefer your journaling to framed paintings... love the way you do it... like a book... thanks for sharing... :-)


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