24 February 2016

Ganoderma lucidum . . . or a good cup of tea

Recently Bill and I have been drinking coffee or tea from Organo Gold. Both have an oriental fungus in them, the Lingzhi mushroom, also called Ganoderma lucidum. Bill has also been taking the spore powder in capsule form when his muscles are especially achy.

This stuff really seems to work to ease sore muscles! It is also supposed to strengthen the immune system. I like the green tea and the red tea, while Bill prefers one of their coffees.


  1. Hi Vicky. That's funny, I've lately been taking a supplement made of leaves, fruits and roots from India, for respiratory support. Right now, I'm fighting my usual allergies gone nuts because tree pollen is high. I usually lose the battle and have to get a steroid shot, but I think they are bad for you. So, between this Breathe Free supplement and a nasal spray made of grapeseed extract, I am getting some relief. Of course, it is not as day-and-night as the steroid shot, darnit. Just trying to hang on cuz I know this too shall pass. You know the old saying? Give Texas weather 15 minutes and it'll change. LOL xoxo

    Now for joint and muscle pain, I have 5 arthritises and this is something I deal with. I need to advise this - make sure you are not deficient in Vitamin D. Most people are! When I take enough, I do feel better, but I have to take like 5000IU a couple times a week because of my circumstances. And I tend to gain a little weight when I bulk up on the D so it's something I don't enjoy, but not enough D leads to all kinds of other problems. You can even be out in the sun a lot and be deficient, what with all the frankenfoods we eat that work against it. Some people have lost the ability to synthesize it from the sun. It's really kind of scary. I take D3. Figuring that out was hard. Do ya ever get the feeling "they're" trying to kill us? lol

  2. "They" are definitely out to mess with our nutrition and health!
    Steroids are not good for us but a necessary evil sometimes -- my mother struggles with asthma and allergies. I get a lot of D, among other things -- my eye doctor put me on lots of vitamins and herbal supplements. My allergies aren't as bad here in the country, but sometimes I have a wheezy cough; a small spoonful of raw honey seems to help best.
    (I've heard that weather saying but about Kansas, not Texas!)


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