23 February 2016

this and that

I know it's silly but after several weeks using the same palette (in this case, the Whiskey Painter's palette), I tend to switch to a different one. Especially silly because my core colors of choice are all the same. But it keeps my "toys" fresh and new to me . . .

This time I wished to go back to using full-sized pans, at least for the basic triad colors. So I emptied the crayons out of a small Neocolor II watercolor crayon tin and popped in a warm and a cool of red, yellow, and blue, plus burnt sienna. Then added three more neutrals just for convenience. Then added two greens, likewise. a bit of sponge, a pencil, and a couple of travel brushes and I think I'm done. For now.

Last Friday (that date should read 19!), after buying groceries at HEB, we went on an impromptu picnic at Fireman's Park in Brenham. Every Friday during Lent, the grocery chain offers fresh fried fish dinners at the exit --- the fish is very good! So we purchased a two-piece meal to share, as the portions are very generous.

One of the oldest buildings in the park has this interesting stone lintel over the door so I chose to sketch it. One of the few stone buildings of the many around town that does not include petrified wood in the stone work.

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