19 December 2015

virtual sketchcrawl in Somerville, TX

Today was the Artists Journal Workshop's Virtual Sketchcrawl Day --- Once a month a group of us sign up on Facebook to go sketch somewhere on-site, either on our own or with friends, then share our sketches on Facebook. Before moving to Texas, I used to meet in person with Cathy Johnson and others on the 3rd Saturday of each month to sketch; since moving here, I'm on my own, not knowing any sketchers nearby. Urban Sketchers Texas also met today but the Dallas - Ft. Worth area is too far for a day trip.

I decided to go to nearby Somerville, TX to draw the downtown block our church, Jubilee Christian Center, is located in.

Our church owns three of the buildings in this block. Those in the upper sketch are our main meeting area, offices, and the newly renovated building where our discipleship class (aka Sunday school) meets. Then there is that tall building way down at the end of the block --- this used to be the only church building; now it is used for children's church and special events.

Around here, this is known as the "biker church". No, Bill and I don't own motorcycles but they are not required! When we moved here, we were concerned about finding a church fellowship as special as what we had in Kansas. We don't care for traditional religion or "playing church" once or twice a week; we prefer a personal and vital, daily relationship with our Lord Jesus and with like-minded believers. So when we saw this church's sign reading "religion-free and biker friendly", we were intrigued. We had planned on trying several churches in the area but somehow never got past this one --- it was EXACTLY what we were searching for! The members here are more like dearly-loved family and we feel like we have come home.

And the biker-friendly part? It refers to our church's involvement with the international Tribe of Judah biker's ministry. The tribe is doing an awesome work among biker clubs, leading hurting people to the Lord. Amazing things happen even during the road trips on the way to bike rallys -- the Lord regularly sets up "divine appointments" for tribe members to help others.


  1. Great sketches, Vicky! You really captured the look and feel of a small town Texas street. I'm glad you found a church you love. So have my husband and I, but our experience was just the opposite of yours. We spent a few years in a religion-free church that caused a lot of spiritual damage, but once we left that church, God led us to a place of healing in a denominational church where the liturgy is straight from the Bible, where the Gospel is preached and studied, and where we are surrounded by a family of wonderful believers. Like you, we feel we have come home. :-)

    Have a Blessed Christmas!

  2. Isn't it wonderful how the Spirit of God moves each of us to the right place for us to belong? Whether traditional or non-traditional isn't really the issue -- it seems to be more about how genuine the worshippers are and whether there is an actual give-and-take relationship with the Lord.

    BTW, our church is absolutely Bible based -- if it isn't in The Book, we don't go there! The denominational church my husband and I once were a part of frequently added "thou shall nots" that were not Bible-based. Following a long set of rules and forms that is not true to the Lord's teachings is what I mean by "religion" -- like the Pharisees and Sadducees were doing.

    Have a blessed Christmas and prosperous new year, Susan!

  3. From what I've learned about you through "meeting" you here on your blog, I had no doubt your church is Bible based. I hope I didn't sound like I was questioning that. I absolutely agree with your response!


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