22 December 2015


. . . as opposed to hand-me-downs. Last year our 12-year-old granddaughter got these adorable boots from a clearance rack at a greatly reduced price. They just happen to be my size. I was told that they were the last pair available. Mikala left them on the stair step one day so I tried them on -- beware of leaving your things about! I teased her that when she outgrows them, I get "first dibbies" on them! (no, I don't know where that expression comes from).

On Sunday we went to Houston to go to see the new Star Wars movie with our daughter's family, and Mikala gave me her boots! Still in great shape but she has outgrown them.

They are sitting on one of the unique side tables Bill has made over the years, this one with drop leaves on both sides. Easy to pull out for playing games on. I used my granulating set of watercolors on this sketch, a collection of paints I put together specifically for the granulation effects. Seems to capture the look of leather with ease.


  1. Your hand-me-up boots are adorable! And extra special since they were your granddaughter's! You have definitely captured the look of leather in your sketch and the wood grain on the table is wonderful!

  2. I love the family memory / giggles attached to these boots! I well remember the expression on Mikala's face last year when they were her new boots and I teased her about wanting them. Didn't dream she would outgrow them so quickly! She is more tall & slim, like her father's side of the family.
    The leather texture just happened magically, using the granulated pigments (burnt umber and raw umber). That's why I love using granulating paints!

  3. YUM, this is gorgeous! I wanna know what paints are in your set...

  4. I'm about to show photos of it in a separate post -- someone on Facebook asked for it also.


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