19 December 2015

ink experiment, act II

My first attempt at mixing a smoky-purplish gray ink for interesting shadows required adding the water wash immediately because the blue ink used is waterproof when dry. I loved the color variation of that first mix but I don't always remember to "bleed" the ink before it dries. (I think I will tip these sample cards into the sketchbook with some tape to keep them with the trial sketches.)

So I tried a second mix, this time mixing Noodler's Red-Black with the blue ink in some Lamy cartridges that came with my Lamy pens (water-soluble). I like the color and the fact that it can be "bled" for shadow after drying. As a bonus, I find the ink holds in place when I add watercolor, not bleeding unless I want it to. This is a huge plus over a Noodler's royal purple ink I once had --- It was so water soluble, it bled all over the place whether I wanted it to or not, making for some very dark sketches.

Funny story about those tiny "cutie" oranges: two of our grandsons were here last Sunday and love eating these oranges. I asked if one would like a bag to take an orange home with him . . . and of course that meant the other one needed one too. Next thing I know, they are both filling their bags with the remaining oranges in the bamboo bowl! Good thing I still had some in the refrigerator. I like eating them too, Josiah and Judah!

BTW, those three boxes drawn on the test card? I ordered three new tubes of gouache from Amazon . . . and they sent each small tube in it's own separate box instead of combining them in one box! Good thing I had free shipping!

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