27 December 2015

an old Viking automatic sprinkler system

Recently we went to a local furniture store to check out mattresses. Our old TemperPedic has completely broken down (back aches!!) and we planned on replacing it. But the sales woman told us we need to contact TemperPedic first -- perhaps we could still get a warrantee replacement? We checked and were told we did qualify, but our model was discontinued so we returned to the store to choose a different model.

While there, we explored the old store, since we both love old buildings. In the basement we found a vintage sprinkler system that fascinated me. So of course I drew it, first in pencil then last night I added ink and watercolor. There was also a very old shaft for a hand-operated freight elevator. Later as we left the store, we found the old water hook-up at the street level, shown in the upper left corner. Downtown Brenham once nearly burned down so firefighting is taken very seriously around here.


  1. I love old buildings and industrial, mechanical stuff! We saw an old hand operated elevator similar to this one in a chapel at an old historical cemetery in Ft. Worth where they lifted the caskets from the basement for the funerals. Fascinating!

  2. Cool! My mother tells me I was born in the wrong century due to my fascination with 'old' ways and simpler times.

  3. Love that old machinery! How did you remember the coloring? Cell phone photo? Take notes? I often feel the urgency to finish on-site because I'll forget the colors. I've used photos and notes but wondered how you handle the situation.

  4. LOL -- I cheat! Not really, but some 'purists' in the sketching community think it is wrong to take a photo and sketch later from the photo, which is what I did here. Bill is a non-sketcher and I feel guilty asking him to wait, so I take photos to draw from later.

  5. There have been times when I sketch on site and add color later --- in these times I pencil the color names down to be erased later --- then find that I don't need it. I guess the act of writing it down causes me to remember.

    Even with the photo, I made one mistake in a pipe's color! The tiny one going up (near the page gutter) was actually white.


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