06 December 2015

a bit of a cleanup

Over the summer my loft 'studio' was lost under all the clutter. It's a bit too warm up there in summer's heat to work anyway so it just became a place to pile stuff.

But a friend has asked me to do a couple of sketches for him and I thought maybe it would seem more 'professional' to do them in a studio --- so I cleaned the place up, rearranging some things to make it more usable.

This is the same space from another angle --- I even straightened up the books! A friend at church gave me the two easels but I have no art to put on them. So they hold some color charts and some painted postcards others have sent me. Actually, the card on the small easel is from the amazing Brenda Swenson!


  1. You've got so lovely and cozy studio, Vicky! And so many possibilities where to sit and what to do there! Wow! If I came, I would sit on the old wooden box, and watch you painting, if you allow...

  2. It would be lots more fun if we painted together!

    All the furnishings here are leftovers that didn't fit anywhere else in our tiny cabin --- except for the taboret (the shelf on wheels to the right of my work table). Bill made that for its purpose, to hold supplies with a washable top surface where I can spill paint or water without damaging the wood. He also made the bookshelf for me; he made what I use as a work table for our old living room (it held family photos) but I repurposed it.

  3. I enjoyed seeing your loft studio, Vicky. Looks like you have a nice balcony with a pretty view too.

  4. Yes, the balcony faces a curvy farm road; beyond that is a wooded section of a local ranch -- donkeys and Longhorns often wonder through the trees to the fence line, as well as deer. I've sketched a few sunrises seen from that balcony.

  5. When you've talked in the past of your small cabin home I feared you had to give up space for your creativity. So glad that's not the case. The word "studio envy" comes to mind, too. I'm happy for you to have a retreat like that. Luckily our chosen media can be done anywhere so those hot days can be done in your regular household areas or in the field.

  6. The living space in the cabin is small: livingroom, tiny kitchen, one bedroom and a bath. Similar to efficiency apartments. But the loft is the full length of the cabin -- a "ship's ladder" stair (very steep and awkward) divides the space into a small guest room and this larger space which is art studio / grandkids zone. Lots of floor space to spread Legos!
    I still tend to sketch downstairs more, especially when summer makes it too warm upstairs. But it's there if I want to get away to work.


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